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Price list

The prices indicativee, when calculation we take into account the current state of the coat.
Payment for the services cash only. Contakt phone +420 601 087 974

We will consult with you about all planned procedure and you will know the price in advance.

For each selected procedure, we perform trimming claws and ear aleaning (already included in the price). We also perform these services inde pendently.

We are a member of the Czec Gromming Association. We  closely monitor current trends and therefore only use professional tools and cosmetics, which can change with new products coming to the market.

Trimming claws for dog and cat 50,
Neúplné střihy 500 Kč / hod.

Protein and regeneration wraps according to the size of the dog 400 do 1 000,–⁠

Dental hygiene
1st visit 1 100-1 500 CZK depending on the extent (you will receive a free laser brush, which you will always take home with you after the treatment and bring again on the day of the next treatment)
Each subsequent treatment (but no later than 17th week after the last treatment) is at a reduced price of 800,-
If we agree that the dog will not need the treatment, the lower price will remain for your next visit.

Smart breeds up to 6 kg
Haircut 620,–⁠
Trimming 670,–⁠
Bathing + Haircut 770,–⁠
Bathing + Trimming 820,–⁠

Middle sized breeds 7 - 15 kg
Haircut 700,–⁠
Trimming 770,–⁠
Bathing +Haircut 850,–⁠
Bathing +Trimming 920,–⁠

Large breeds from 16 to 35 kg
Haircut 1 200,–⁠
Trimming 1 450,–⁠

Bathing +Haircut 1 350,–⁠
Bathing +Trimming 1 600,–⁠

Extra large breeds over 35 kg
Haircut 1 300,–⁠
Trimming 1 550,–⁠

Bathing +Haircut 1 450,–⁠
Bathing +Trimming 1 700,–⁠